_I Do Resume Review_

I am available to do three levels of resume review and career counseling. My qualifications include a decade of Human Resources and Recruiting experience. This includes internal corporate HR support as well as external consulting.

This isn’t a service that I look to make a living off of, but a supplement and a way to offer learned expertise to people who could gain from it.  So far, the feedback I’ve received includes:

“The revamped resume landed me a number of telephone interviews.  I made some additional preparations that I hadn’t made in the past and landed a number of onsite interviews.  I even turned down a few opportunities.  I finally landed a job at ____.  I appreciate your help.”

The example you sent looks great and much better than what I had before.”

“Thank you so much! I will make the changes at once and upload it onto Monster.”

Here are the available packages:

Standard Resume Review and Edit – $50
If you have a working resume that you would like to optimize or tweak to target a specific position, this is the package for you.

Comprehensive Resume Build or Restructure – $100
This is the option to select if you haven’t updated your resume in such a long time that it bears little resemblance to anything that might be useful to you today. This can include situations where you don’t have a resume and must build from scratch.

Full Career Planning Package – $200
This includes a full resume review and edit plus a detailed assessment of your preferences and interests using the Human Patterns psychometric survey instrument. For more information about Human Patterns, please follow this link.


If you have any questions.

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