_The Ex-Athlete_

Hello.  I did triathlons from 2002-2010, except for 2008 when I was pregnant.  I’d often also do other multi-sport events such as duathlons and aquathlons, as well as single sport events like road and trail running, open water swimming, cyclocross, cycling time trials, and anything else that piques my interest.  These days, I do lots of yoga and a little bit of running & riding.  All recreational.  It’s all about feeling good.

Like any good washed up athlete, I like to have list of prior achievements listed somewhere so I can look back and feel good about myself.  Here they are.  Way to go, Alicia!  This is what it’s like to have the right genetic make-up and grit to do the work it takes to excel in the bizarro world that is endurance athletics.

Athletic highlights:

– Multiple year USAT All-American for Duathlon and Triathlon
– NCTS Elite Series winner in 2004
– Cowtown Marathon top female finisher in 2005
– Long Distance Triathlon Pan-American Age Group Champ in 2006
– USAT Ranked #1 in Age Group in 2006
– 2x Women’s Winner at Uwharrie 20 Mile Trail Run in 2006-2007
– Aquathlon Female National Champ in 2007
– Short Course Triathlon World Age Group Champ in 2007
– Silverman Iron Distance Triathlon Champ in 2007
– Aquathlon Age Group National Champ in 2009
– 2x Short Course Triathlon National Age Group Champ in 2009-2010
– Duathlon World Championship Age Group bronze medal in 2009
– Short Course Duathlon National Age Group Champ in 2010
– Long Course Triathlon National Age Group Champ in 2010

Links to my results from 2007-2012:

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