2015 Reading List

Here is my reading list for 2015.  It’s fun to track these lists and look back at what captured my attention each year.

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You’ll see some things change on my other social media presences.  The time has come for change in my world and I give you a sneak peek here. « read more @ Transitioning »

Using Morality to Explain Away Complexity

I’ve been working on noticing the automatic, internal dialogue that occurs between my ears.  Here’s what I heard today, with my thoughts and feelings in response.

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Women Are Crazy!

This refrain– it’s insidious.  I don’t say this to polarize and man-shame. I use it all the time too.  And it’s not untrue, because we’re ALL crazy, if, by crazy, you mean irrational and overly influenced by hidden (and/or visible) emotion.

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Fascination with the Undiscussible

I’ve been fascinated, lately, by what people deem undiscussible. I see it everywhere. I bump into it every day, and by ‘bumping’ I mean that I often don’t see the trigger response coming. Sometimes I bump into it within myself and don’t see it coming! And I wonder…why that? Why is this otherwise inquisitive, self-inspecting human unwilling to broach this topic? What uninspected assumptions are grabbing the steering wheel?

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