_I Do Human Patterns®_

I am a certified Human Patterns® Administrator and was trained on the instrument by the creator, Stan Smith. Human Patterns® is a time-tested, thorough survey of your personal preferences and interests. For those of you familiar with other tools like the DISC, Myers Briggs and others, Human Patterns® is a combination of those and at least 13 other psychometric instruments.

Human Patterns measures 206 different Features:

  • Personal interests and values
  • Thinking and learning style
  • Interpersonal and communication style
  • Occupational preferences
  • Leadership preferences
  • Management preferences

One of the best uses of this tool is in Career Planning because Human Patterns® identifies:

  • Occupational Interests: Enables the individual to identify actual preferred job roles and tasks.
  • Organizational Roles: Identification of preferred roles with an organization.
  • Social Relations: Identification of preferred patterns of work group interaction.
  • Leadership and Management Preferences: Styles of management and patterns of personal and group leadership.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses: Assessment of resources and interests.
  • Problem-Solving Patterns: Identification of aptitudes, and problem-solving styles and formats.
  • Consistency and Conflicts: Information about intrapersonal issues.

Armed with this self-knowledge, you can best identify the type of work, work environment and management style that you work best with. Leveraging your natural interests and strengths in your career sets you up for success. This tool is also helpful with recruiting, team building and personal development. For more details about the instrument itself, please see the Human Patterns® FAQ page.

Human Patterns Assessment – $150
Includes a personalized Assessment Summary, detailed Chart Readout and a one-hour consulting and results-analysis session by phone or in-person.

  • Full Career Planning Package – $200
    This includes a full resume review and edit plus a detailed assessment of your preferences and interests using the Human Patterns psychometric survey instrument.


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