WOTW – Cox Mountain Hill Repeats

One of the things I learned from my reconnaissance to Uwharrie a few weeks ago was that I was quite underprepared in my steep uphill hiking fitness. You’d think running up hills would be adequate, but Uwharrie is different from my local terrain in that it is littered with longer, steeper climbs. When you’re going […]

WOTW – Uwharrie Recon and Carrboro 50k

OK, I know this is a little late and this is actually two workouts, not just one. The Uwharrie Recon occurred on 12/29/10 and the Carrboro 50k was on 1/2/11. Both are key events in my preparation for the Uwharrie 40 and are close in calendar proximity, so they both deserve a mention.


WOTW – 4 Hour Run

Here’s another workout of the week. I know! Weekly, even.


WOTW – The Brendan Run

The Brendan run is much like the Dan G run. The Bill and Andy run is fairly similar, but on average a little slower. So what is this run about and why do I bother sharing it as a workout of the week?


WOTW: 3+ Hour Long Trail Run

OK. I know that the label “Workout of the Week” is a blatant farce since publicly traded companies post their quarterly results more frequently than I’ve posted “weekly” workouts, but I don’t feel like changing the tag. Anyway, here’s a new one. To slightly make up for the missed time, I’ll talk a little bit […]