Mountains to Sea Trail 12 Mile Challenge

There comes a point when one begins to question the value of writing a race report because so much time has passed since the event. I’m trying to avoid that here (barely) with this brief sharing of thoughts as related to the event last Saturday.


Bel Monte 50k Race Report

This event finishes out my winter ultrarunning phase. My report continues below…


Post Race Recovery – U40

I was asked how I recover from big efforts such as the one I did 8 days ago. More specifically, is there anything I do to speed my readiness to resume serious training.


Uwharrie 40 Mile Trail Run Race Report

Call me crazy all you want or turn your nose up in derision, but this event was never intended to be the “gateway drug” to longer, more ridiculous events. It was a check-the-box one-and-done kind of thing. So now that I’ve done it, guess what? My opinion on those matters remain the same. I’ve done […]

WOTW – Cox Mountain Hill Repeats

One of the things I learned from my reconnaissance to Uwharrie a few weeks ago was that I was quite underprepared in my steep uphill hiking fitness. You’d think running up hills would be adequate, but Uwharrie is different from my local terrain in that it is littered with longer, steeper climbs. When you’re going […]