Swimming Times

Six months off from swimming through the ultrarunning season plus sub-standard swim workout frequency in the past few months is a formula for mediocrity. Yes, I know I’m lucky that this minimalist approach breeds something greater than suckiness, but I put in my time during my teen years. Get over it.


My New Job & Nascent Tri Season

If you follow my highly intermittent Tweets and Facebook posts, you probably know what’s up. Or down (with that). This here is an update for those who aren’t up or down and just sitting in the middle wondering what’s going on.


WOTW – Open Water Swim

I’ve talked about swimming in the pool and my typical 2000 yard main sets, but swimming in open water is at least as important. I think the benefit to regular open water practice is primarily mental, but there are some physical skills that can be developed as well.


WOTW – Swim Main Set #8

In theory, there should be Workout of the Week (WOTW) posts every week. I know this. It is a bit sad that I couldn’t even maintain the appearance of commitment to weekly workout posts for a little while before lapsing into “Workout of the Every X Number of Weeks” posts. But, hey. Good news! Here’s […]

How’s the Training Going?

It’s mid-July and probably a good time to talk about how the training is going. As a reminder, my A races are an Olympic distance on September 25th and a Half Iron the following weekend. I have one more Olympic distance race in early August, but that’s it for the events that are shaping the […]