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The Big Miles

I’m about five weeks out from ITU Long Course Worlds. For those who speak the race-geek lingo, this is my super A-race, big deal goal of the season. It’s the one that matters to me most.


Brutal Trail Weekend

My big event in November is looming closer, so some of my training has become more specific. Oddly, this specificity for a completely on-road triathlon took me off-pavement this weekend.


2010 Season in Review, 2011 Season Ahead

It’s that time of year again. The focused triathlon training, tapering, peaking, and racing are behind me. No one will see me at the pool for months and my running / riding paces drop to levels that many people don’t actually believe even when I tell them. It’s also the natural time for reviewing the […]

Petr Vabrousek’s Silverman Race Report

Petr won the men’s race and broke the course record by over 20 minutes. You can read his race report on xtri.com. At the awards ceremony, he mentioned that he had a fantastic day, so his 9:48, which is far off his 8-something iron distance PR, really speaks to the difficulty of the course.


Pics And Thoughts

I’m still waiting for that moment that I become ravenous, full bodily exhausted, and nearly crippled from soreness. It hasn’t happened yet. I’m sore, sure, and bending over to pick stuff up off the floor is none too easy, but nothing like I thought it would be. I guess I will see how it goes. […]

Silverman Iron Distance Race Report

I knew a few things about the day when I awoke in the pre-dawn darkness. I knew that I was going to do something longer, and bigger than I’d done before. I knew that I was going to have to stay focused to achieve my goals because it wasn’t going to be a walk in […]

Quickie Silverman Update

I’m sure you understand when I say I’m not up for a long race report quite yet. That will come– maybe later tomorrow. Until then, here’s the quickie version:

1. I’ll admit it publicly now, I was gunning for the win. I knew it would not be easy.

2. I took the lead at around […]

Pre Race Chase Around And Pics

The weather today was beautiful and the forecast for tomorrow is mixed. Mixed, as in “it depends who you ask and what site you look at.” It might be windy, cool and possibly a little rain, or it might just be super awesome with perfect temperatures, light wind and partly cloudy to overcast skies. I […]

Thanks For The Emails!

Thanks to everyone who sent emails. The support is wonderful and I’ll remember each of those on race day.

We drove the bike course today. Very scenic! There are so many different colors of rock and soil out there. I also rode the bike path portion with the three sisters. Here’s the profile:


Home Stay In Henderson

The Crumpler and I are settled in Nevada. No delays, no trouble with the luggage. Only strange thing is the new loading procedures that Southwest Airlines has now. Instead of people standing in lines by groups A, B or C, they load by an alphanumeric system and now set aside some early loading positions that […]