End of Summer Running Update

Seems as though it’s time for my quarterly post about how I’ve not been running as much as I’d hoped. How out of shape I am. How I’ve still run in some races, felt pretty horrid but still managed to win some sort of an award. Do you feel like you’ve read this story before? […]

2012 Summer / Fall Race Schedule

Now I’ve gone and done it. I’ve committed to some races. I’ve even signed up for some of them.


Running and Living

I was running this morning while pondering a personal challenge I’ve levied on myself. My goal is to get better at articulating what I observe more simply with plainer language. Without losing accuracy.


Spring Running, Or Not

Recent observations about my running and lack of it ensue.


Quick Running Status Update

Hi there. Lately, my blog has been nothing but the occasional race report. I thought I’d give a quick update on my run training status and subsequent racing plans.