USAT Rankings for 2009

Last week, I saw the web-based version of the USAT Spring magazine came out with all the rankings and discovered that I did surprisingly well in both triathlon and duathlon. Thus, I suppose it is time for a little self promotion.


Pinehurst Triathlon Race Report

This was a late season add on to squeeze one more result out of my fitness and socialize. Mostly socialize. Pinehurst is that place in North Carolina you’ve heard of that has a bunch of golf courses. There might even be a big golf tournament at some point, but I don’t know anything about that. […]

2009 Duathlon Worlds Race Report

What a day. What a weekend. For those bottom line first, get to the point kind of people, here’s the scoop. I ran, but not too hard. Then I tried to pass as many people as possible on the bike and, for the most part, it worked. Then I ran again, but not as long […]

2009 Triathlon Nationals Race Report

This was my third trip to Triathlon Nationals since starting doing triathlons in 2002. The first was in 2003 in Louisiana and I bonked, overheated and got soundly trounced. The second was in 2007 in Portland and I was, errr, overprepared and had a lackluster day but still squeaked out a 3rd AG finish. This […]

2009 Aquathlon Nationals Race Report

It’s hard to pass up an opportunity to do a pre-Tri Nats benchmarking race that’s a National Championship in my home state. Especially when it’s in a beautiful location like Lake Logan. The plan was to test out my swim speed and endurance for 1500 meters and see if I could pull off a sub-20 […]