Race Report: Ramblin’ Rose Half Marathon

When I’m peaking for my A event, I like to get in a good, hard long tempo run. There’s a hilly 9-10 mile route in Umstead I’ve used a lot for this, but this year I opted for this hilly, women’s half marathon in downtown Durham.


Race Report – Cane Creek Triathlon 2011

I decided to do the TrySp0rts series this year since it looked like I could do 3 of the 4 required races without any overnight stays. Actually, I could have done all four, but I really wanted to do Lake Logan and really didn’t want to do a pool swim. Unfortunately, my September event got […]

Lake Logan Triathlon 2011

Last year, I did this race and finished 3rd female and wouldn’t you know it, the two women who placed ahead of me were signed up again. Re-match! I went into the day intent to give it all I had because, well, I wanted to see if I could do it.


Race Report: Mission Man Triathlon 2011

This is a misleading title. Why? Because this post isn’t so much about this particular triathlon as it is about my past week. Also because the real thing I want to talk about is what I accomplished last Wednesday night, not what I did Saturday morning.


TT’s, 8k’s and BTW’s

I’m trying to resist opening with the snore-worthy comment about being oh-so-busy and not posting promptly. Oops. Too late.