How Many Hours?

After not working out yesterday, I figured I’d be all adventurous and do a 3 hour ride today. I talked Alisha into joining me on the roads and we waited on the cool, drizzly conditions in the morning to pass and rolled around noon. We met up with Richard and John out near Jordan Lake […]

Hanging With The DLP

Travis was kind enough to invite me to see his iBike informational session he conducted with iBike sponsored pro cycling team DLP Racing. It’s a first year team with lots of young, fresh faces. The senior members included a fellow who had raced with Jittery Joes and another guy who’s almost my age. The rest […]

Better Days

Monday was tough. That was the pukey of all pukey days. I was going to ride the Powercranks that night but instead I collapsed into a nappy nap. Sometimes the bun has more sway than the oven, you know what I mean?

Tuesday was better. I rode an hour with a co-worker over lunch even […]

Shorts In January

I tell you what. Us poor little confused North Carolinians don’t know what to think. Five days ago we’re bundling up for sub-20 temps and hopping ice puddles and now we’re sweating in our shorts & short sleeves in the high 60’s. As for my running, the weather doesn’t matter so long as I know […]

Time To Ride And Figure Stuff Out

Over the past 7 years I have really grown to love riding bikes. There’s something really neat about covering miles and miles and miles under your own volition, but not all weather makes for equally pleasant riding conditions. A year ago this time I just bundled up and went out in the cold regardless. I […]