Remembering the Texas Trip

Last night, I was reminiscing about the trip that Alisha Little Lion, myself and Gary took to the open hill country of Western Texas three years ago. There are so many memories from that trip, including:


Texas Trip Stats

Last night at the gym. someone asked me how much training I did on the trip so I thought I’d add it up to see. For the 7 day training period, here’s what I got.

Swim: 40 min

Bike: 322 miles / 19 hrs 45 min

Run: 61.2 miles / 9 hrs 18 min


Run Up Mountains, Drive to El Paso.

This morning, we packed up and checked out of the lodge. Looking at the drive time from Fort Davis to El Paso airport and the flight departures tomorrow morning, we decided it best to check out early and stay the night in hopping El Paso. We’re staying at the Microtel, which has bigger rooms for […]

Ugh. Oh, Yeah. The Scenery Was Nice.

I started the day shelled, but it didn’t stop me from getting my butt out of bed and proceeding with the endless volume. First was the morning run. Only 30 minutes at a per mile pace about 40 seconds slower than usual. Felt OK.

“As slow as it takes” continued to be the mantra […]

Run Bike Swim Run

A good finish to the year! And a beautiful day to boot!

Morning Run: Alisha and I ran to the highway and back for 4.6 miles in 38:15. What was great about it was that it was the first run since I’ve been here where I didn’t get lightheaded. Looks like I’ve got the accidental […]