Upcoming Webinars – Free for Blog Readers (Updated 5/13)

I’ve been busy ramping up the TM Solutions Business & Leadership workshops and webinars. Here’s a couple of webinars coming up soon. I’ve provided links to FREE registration for readers of my blog. Yes, this is shameless self promotion. A girl’s got to make a living.


On the Career Front

I know my posting has become pretty anemic with barely weekly kiddo reports and the occasional update on whether I happen to be running or not (I am now). One reason that I have posted less has to do with my efforts on the career front. So what’s the scoop?


Responding Under Pressure

It doesn’t take a rocket genius to recognize that we often behave differently when we’re relaxed than we do when we’re under pressure. In fact, I’d bet most of us can reliably predict how our personality traits change between these two states of being.


Motivation and Personality

This is the follow up post to Defining a Long Term Plan and answers the other part of the question of how I stay motivated to train. Motivation is a funny beast that takes on a different forms for different people. An individual’s personality– their unique combination of drives, motives, preferences and avoidances– tell the […]


As of today, I’ve hung the shingle out to provide performance mentoring. Different than triathlon coaching, performance mentoring is about consistently high levels of personal performance across any life domain. Through PerforMentor, I can help you optimize your personal performance by leveraging your natural strengths and interests, creating a stable platform for success, and learning […]