Writing Rules for Revolutionaries

A grand statement. A grand over-statement really, but it sure does sound good. And provocative. Which segues me to the real topic.


2015 Reading List

Here is my reading list for 2015. It’s fun to track these lists and look back at what captured my attention each year.



You’ll see some things change on my other social media presences. The time has come for change in my world and I give you a sneak peek here.


Women Are Crazy!

This refrain– it’s insidious. I don’t say this to polarize and man-shame. I use it all the time too. And it’s not untrue, because we’re ALL crazy, if, by crazy, you mean irrational and overly influenced by hidden (and/or visible) emotion.


Fascination with the Undiscussible

I’ve been fascinated, lately, by what people deem undiscussible. I see it everywhere. I bump into it every day, and by ‘bumping’ I mean that I often don’t see the trigger response coming. Sometimes I bump into it within myself and don’t see it coming! And I wonder…why that? Why is this otherwise inquisitive, self-inspecting […]