Product Love: Annie’s Naturals Organic Ketchup

You may be thinking, um, isn’t all ketchup pretty much the same? My response to that is no, it is not the same. Annie’s Naturals rocks, is certified gluten free and has the best flavor around.


Product Love – 365 Everyday Value Peanut Butter

I eat entirely too much peanut butter. Although I eat gobs of the nutty goodness, that doesn’t mean I’m not picky about my brand.


Product Review – Recovery e21 Electrolytes

I’m a firm believer in the benefit of appropriate use of electrolyte supplements, particularly for cramp prevention. This is despite the lack of scientific explanation of the mechanics behind cramping and the lack of evidence from controlled studies that these supplements help athletes in general. Or people in general. Whatever. I have good reason to […]

Product Love: Kiss My Face Shaving Cream

I’m starting a new posting category called Product Love. Considering how long it’s been since I’ve done a Workout of the Week post, I’m not committing to any type of schedule. Come to think of it, I suppose I should do a WOTW post really soon. Hm. But anyway…this Product Love topic will be about […]