My New Job & Nascent Tri Season

If you follow my highly intermittent Tweets and Facebook posts, you probably know what’s up. Or down (with that). This here is an update for those who aren’t up or down and just sitting in the middle wondering what’s going on.


“New” Stuff For The Kiddo

It’s not a holiday. It’s nobody’s birthday. There’s no particular special occasion at all. I just decided that Remy was old enough for certain items, so we’ve been on the Craigs List look out for reasonably priced versions of the wish list.


Mr. Dish Washer Man

Remy’s been interested in water and sinks for a while, but Gary took it a step further and gave him a scrub pad.

Sandbox And Swingset

Earlier dad went up he street and came back carrying a swingset. Then he wa soff to get some big heavy railroad timbers and he called in an ordr for 2 yards of playground sand. I may be the new kid on the block but that adds up to a swingset sandbox combo. […]

This Week’s Update

Well, it’s been a little busy around the Parr Crumpler household. I’ve had some billable work, which is great news for the cash flow, but doesn’t do a lot for the frequency of blog posting. Priorities being what they are.

Remy’s still in the almost but not quite yet crawling phase. He can move […]