Why Pictures

This sounds odd, but thank goodness for these belly pictures every week and a half. It’s a record of a shrinking size that is just noticable with that time gap. I go through phases of realizing that shirts and tops seem a little looser, then feeling like nothing is coming off at all. You can […]

Arm And Core Exercises

Who needs weights when I can do baby lifts? Remmer loves to push off on my lap with his little feet and strong legs so that I lift him up in the air. We call these “jumps.” He loves it and will push off many, many times in a row. I guess it wouldn’t be […]


All right. Now we have all the Remy Zin pictures in the photo section of the website here. This is where I’ll post new stuff instead of on the blog. Be sure to check out today’s shots from this morning when he was wearing the cute “I Love Daddy” outfit with a fuzzy giraffe on […]

The Many Faces of Hunger

Today, a beautiful fall day, when I was out riding I noticed a difference. Actually, the difference happened before I was out on my bike. It was a hunger and desire to be out that exceeds the mild, hey I’d like to get some exercise because I know I’ll feel better afterwards. I rode to […]

39 Weeks Update

Today marks 39 weeks and still Remy stays inside all cozy and cuddly. I have been feeling different the past few days, with more than usual pelvic pressure over the cervix, wild variations in fatigue and energy levels, and a general view of the world as a place with too-small spaces, too-heavy items and generally […]