2014 Reading List

Every year I post my book and article reading list from the previous year. It’s that time. Here’s what I read in 2014. […]

Things That Bring Me Peace & Meaning

My son, early in his 7th year of life (age 6), is heavily subject to being instrumented by the world around him. Gary and I suffer endless peals of belligerent claims that ‘he didn’t do it’. It was the object, the game, the sidewalk, us, that “made him act a certain way.” God help us […]

The Paradox and The Problem

I’ve just finished reading On Dialogue by David Bohm. In one chapter, he makes a distinction between a paradox and a problem. Now that I’m primed to think about paradox, I’m seeing it everywhere, which prompts me to write. So what’s the difference between a paradox and a problem? Why do I care?


Satisfaction, Success & Greatness

Here’s a journal piece I wrote today about some things running around in my mind.


Remy’s Top 5 at 5

These are the things I want to remember about Remy when he was five. Partly so I can remind him at 15 and he can say, no way I did that and I can reply yes way you did. So anyways. The top 5.