Why I’m Not a Huge Fan of Formal Succession Plans

Recently, I was reading a report about executive development and was struck by the authors’ surprise that succession planning dropped down in priority as a leadership development from 2009 to 2011. The report is a fantastic and highly useful piece of work. I found many, many insights to help me think more programmatically about how […]

Conversations With Remy – 3/29/13

Remy’s four now and four year olds say the darndest things. I had a convo today that I wanted to type up for posterity. No idea what he means, but maybe you’ll understand what lurks in the depths of the introspective pre-schooler mind.


Success, Happiness and Meaning

I’ve written about success before. I’m not interested in revisiting that piece, highlighting what parts I agree with and what I don’t. That piece looks pretty prescriptive. This piece simply shares what I think about success meaning for me. It might be interesting to nobody, which is fine.


Big Boy Broadcast – Q1 2013

I’m overdue for a Remy update. Not that everyone’s waiting with bated breath for this, but the future me will appreciate that I take the time to do this. These updates are a great written history.