2013 Reading List

Every year about this time, I transition my books completed and discarded lists to a blog post so I can delete them from my current Reading List page. Begs the question why I keep the list in the first place. The answer is twofold. Most influential is that it makes me feel good to check […]

My Day Job

Historically, this blog has emphasized the athletic and parenting elements of my life. These aren’t where I spend most of my energy. So what is it that I do with myself?


The Rational Person and Educational Policy – A Discussion

It all started with this quote:

“A rational person cannot seek to confirm their beliefs, only to test them” – Chris Hallquist

I don’t even know who Chris Hallquist is. Sure, I could look him up, but I haven’t.


I Want You to Underestimate Me

Provocative title, yes? It stems from some thinking I’m doing around what one’s style as an athlete says about him/her as a professional. And maybe in other domains of life.


Blog Posting Habit

Things are more likely to happen regularly when they are habits. Blog posting is a habit I’ve largely fallen out of. Why is that?