Running and Living

I was running this morning while pondering a personal challenge I’ve levied on myself.  My goal is to get better at articulating what I observe more simply with plainer language.  Without losing accuracy.

Running is good for thinking, it’s true, but it’s also a good metaphor for broader things.  We’re storytellers, us humans.  We make sense of things in narrative and metaphor.   As such, we tell ourselves all kinds of beguiling stories, some of which we refer to as “facts.”

The fact is that converting thought into language plainly and simply is not so simple and plain.  I puzzled over this in-between my now habitual coaxings to fall forward, stay relaxed, maintain momentum.  All the little ways I try to progress most for least energy.  Remember I’m running.

It dawned on me, as it’s dawned on multitudes, that running is a great metaphor and an instructive metaphor could help me with my challenge.  If I could write and speak with the same mindful austerity I apply to my running, I’d be better off.  At least, I’d be closer to an aspiration and that’s gratifying.

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