Toddler Talk – February 2012

We’re nearing 3 1/2 years.  We’re not quite there, but close, and seem poised to enter the developmental stage of endless questions.  Why?  Why?  Why?  More than five times eventually, but he’s starting us out easy, with only a couple why’s and a few how’s and what’s mixed in for good measure.

At this point, we’re seeing growth spurts, regular nap-fighting and a greater willingness to interact with others.  Including hugging.  This hugging thing is a big deal for the grandparents, so for those of you with more touchy-feely kids thinking, what’s the big deal?  It’s a big deal.  To quote my mother, “Remy hugged me today without even asking him to.  Have you been coaching him?”  Strangely, the answer is no, we haven’t been coaching him.  I guess he’s just ready now.

I’m not sure what happened lately, but playing with cars, trains and other toy transportation vehicles means crashing everything.  Pretty much always.  I’m not aware of any event that taught him this, although I’m sure he gets a decent dose of crashing vehicles through TV and those Richard Scarry books.  The fact is that Remy’s just not a gentle child, which I suppose is good because what in the world would I do with a gentle child?  It would be difficult to relate.  As it is, I relate.  Sometimes I explain that while I understand his moments of frustration, we have to work on socializing ourselves so that other people want to hang around with us.  Otherwise, it’s a lonely existence.

Another amusing habit that’s come around lately is the intermittend southern accent.  You know, the kind that adds a syllable to any vowel sound.  Pi-ug.  (PIG)  Sti-uck.  (STICK)  Etc.  We correct him, but that just encourages him more to say it the ‘funny’ way.

Remy’s also earning his keep helping out with a few chores and developing other skills.  He helps Daddy shovel the ashes out of the fireplace in the morning and assists with pumping gas into the car at the gas station.  Remy also wants me to add that he’s learning how to use scissors.

So, as Remy’s inclined to say, he’s “growing forwards, not growing backwards.”  Although he does have regressive moments that he claims he wants to be a baby.  At least he’s ‘man’ enough to admit it when it’s true.  If only we were all so self-aware.  Ha ha ha.




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  • I am in the basement with Zach and our neighbor (just turned 4) and can tell you crashing cars is very popular here as well. And there’s no being gentle. The question thing is crazy – one question just leads to another and no answer is ever satisfactory. I’m getting to the point where I am half tempted to just make things up.

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