My Journey in Athletic Priorities

I’m always surprised when I learn that some people still read my blog posts. I started this habit of publicly accessible race reporting back when fewer people did it, which lent me more readership than the quality of reporting ever really warranted. Since I entered parentdom about 5 years ago (counting the fetal incubation period), […]

Participation Report: Gallop & Gorge 8k

I did this event a couple years ago. I was soooo much more fit then, so even with a 3 hour training run in my legs from the prior day, I still ran a highly respectable time. But that was 2010 and now it’s 2012, the year of inconsistent training. Hence this being called a […]

Participation Report: City of Oaks Marathon

OK, yes, it’s been 3 weeks since the event. The scoop is that I was able to get in enough long runs to finish the marathon at a pace faster than a training run, so that’s what I did. No PR attempts this year! Maybe I’ll be ready for some of that stuff in 2013.


Race Report: Eno River 11 Mile Trail Run

I signed up for this race because it looked fun and I needed a 10-12 miler the week before the marathon anyway. So it’s singletrack. Whatevuh. Like I’m gonna turn my ankle or something? Oh, I did. It’s not bad though.


Big Boy Broadcast – Q4 2012

A big fascination for me is watching others grow and learn. This means that one of the greatest joys of being a parent for me is having a front-row seat to a small human undergoing physical, emotional and mental development in hyper-drive. These little ones are all at once unique individuals and mirrors of our […]