Brutal Trail Weekend

My big event in November is looming closer, so some of my training has become more specific. Oddly, this specificity for a completely on-road triathlon took me off-pavement this weekend.


Toddler Talk – August 2011

Remy is one short month shy of the 3 year birthday. Where did the time go? Now we need to figure out the whole “what do we do for his birthday” issue. He’s old enough to start asking for birthday cake. I’m thinking we make a trip to a bouncy house place.


Lake Logan Triathlon 2011

Last year, I did this race and finished 3rd female and wouldn’t you know it, the two women who placed ahead of me were signed up again. Re-match! I went into the day intent to give it all I had because, well, I wanted to see if I could do it.