My New Job & Nascent Tri Season

If you follow my highly intermittent Tweets and Facebook posts, you probably know what’s up.  Or down (with that).  This here is an update for those who aren’t up or down and just sitting in the middle wondering what’s going on.

First of all…who says you have to play golf to hobnob with the movers and shakers of the business community?  Not me, thankfully, because I stink at things that require that level of fine motors skills and coordination. 

Long story short, a conversation with a friend after a trail running race led to a referral to an unusually awesome HR position, which led to me applying, which led to a phone interview, which led to two half days of in-person interviews, which led to a job offer, which leads to me starting a new gig as an HR Director at American Journal Experts tomorrow.  Yippee! 

OK, yes I know I’ve been talking about the Ph.D. thing, and I know I could do that.  However, my biggest reservation was the severe lack of financial cushion we’ve endured for the past few years that wouldn’t put the family in good stead for meeting living expenses on an itty bitty stipend.  I looked at our likely financial needs (house repairs, aging vehicle repairs, unknown’s) over the next 6-7 years that such a project might take and the picture wasn’t pretty. 

So I felt some anxiety about that but had faith that things have a way of working out if I follow my clean and unburdened instincts about the path that life sets before me.  As it turns out, life handed me a beauty this time.  Regular, good salary.  Great work.   Neat people.   Oh, and group plan benefits.   Seriously- I couldn’t have written a better job description for myself if you’d asked me to.  I am REALLY EXCITED and want to do an AWESOME JOB.  I feel really lucky.

Serendipitously, my first week at AJE coincides with taper week before my first triathlon of the season.  My bike and run should be fine for this stage of the season.  Actually, I’m riding surprisingly well and I ran a lot through the winter without any time off for injury, so I’m ahead of where I was last year in the very least.  My swim, however, is still being resurrected from a 6 month break.  It’s better, for sure, than it was, but let’s just say that it’s going to take more than 1 swim per week to get things back to where they could be.   At least I got in a 30 minute open water swim the other day.  It was A-OK considering.

So that’s about the physical preparation for triathlon.  The other part triathlon nirvana is having working equipment– or, more specifically, equipment that doesn’t appear to be on the brink of catastrophic failure.  I don’t know about you, but having cracks appear in my carbon fork doesn’t exactly instill a sense of confidence in my equipment.  With images of untimely highspeed faceplants into the asphalt dancing around in my head, I urged Gary to find me a new fork online ASAP.  Which he did.  With the wrong-sized steerer tube, or, rather, the size of steerer tube they use in the past decade.  I love my 1999 Litespeed– LOVE IT– but the right parts are getting harder and harder to find.  Fortunately, I know people that have what could be considered classic bike parts emporiums in their garages.  Now I have a loaner fork that will get me through the next month of racing until we can find a reasonably priced permanent alternative.   Big sigh of relief.

Now all I need is to get the race kit back with the BCRC logos affixed by next Friday and I’ll home free.   Well, at least I shouldn’t be in a tough spot.

So that’s the latest.

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