Girls on the Run 5k Fun Run

A stretch to call this a race report.  Maybe a workout report?

The Girls on the Run 5k was a fun run, not a competition, but it was timed and measured so that was good enough for me.  Plus, the extensive kiddie play area with 2-3 bouncy houses kept the toddler very happy.  PLUS, the convenient location in downtown Durham meant I could commute by bike instead of drive!

 Anyway, I figured so long as I finished under 20 minutes, I could call it a good speed workout.  When I crossed the line in 19 ½ minutes, I was pleased, especially since it wasn’t the flattest course around.  Upon review of my GPS data, my splits told a less impressive story.  Out in 6:04 (I thought I was holding back), I then clocked a 6:30ish 2nd mile (oh dear), then a 6:45 3rd mile (yikes! But it was all uphill!  I swear!).   I should have remembered to take my Recovery e21.

Anyway, it was still a speed workout.  For me.  Did I mention that the toddler was happy?  That counts for a lot!

 Hopefully I’ll be ready for a better effort at another 5k at the end of the month.  Since I’m teaching a night class Tuesday nights, those Bull City Track Club track workouts on Tuesday nights or crazy early Wednesday mornings are not going to happen.  I guess it’s time to hit that 1 minute steep hill in my neighborhood for some hard repeats…

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