Post Race Recovery – U40

I was asked how I recover from big efforts such as the one I did 8 days ago.  More specifically, is there anything I do to speed my readiness to resume serious training. 

The only generalization I can make is that what I do varies a lot according to whatever else I have going on and whatever else I have coming up.  Also, I’ve learned (especially as I age) that it’s worth exercising my patience more than my body and making sure I am ready to go before ramping back up.  Pushing ahead out of fear that I’ll lose all my fitness can result in a situation where I can’t do the consistent training due to injury and, yes, lose a lot of my fitness. 

In the case of this past week, it so happened that I got really busy with other non-athletic things.  This is just as well, since I felt pretty ripped up after 40 miles of rugged Uwharrie-ness.  Particularly my quads, which is unsurprising based on my troubles during the final 20% of the event.

I did get in a nice spin on the bike Tuesday and a short trainer spin Thursday.  I didn’t run until Friday, which may have been too early.  I was still a bit sore in the quads, but had progressed to the point that I could walk around and down flights of stairs without a visible wince.  I did the 30 minute-ish run very slowly.  I still had a lot of residual fatigue in my glutes and other run-related muscles, but that wasn’t the problem. 

The problem is in my left quadricep, which has developed a re-invigorated spot of pain.  I’ve tried to work it out with some self massage, with not a lot of success.  I’ve begun therapeutic doses of ibuprofen (unfortunately) and will bite the bullet with scheduling in a professional massage into a packed schedule.  I know that if I do these things and am patient, I can be back on the running wagon very soon. 

So that’s where I am.  I don’t have another event until the Umstead Marathon in early March, which is the longest training run prior to the Bel Monte 50k in late March.  It will all work out fine.

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2 comments to Post Race Recovery – U40

  • Interesting to read of your recovery. From what I have read on the internet, those hills were brutal quadbusters. I combined some easy spinning on the bike with a consistent dosing of manipulation and dynamic stretching after the Silver Rush 50 last year. My quads still took a few weeks to get back up to strength. Best wishes on your return to strength! Now, why is it that we do these things??

  • chris

    thanks. sounds about like what we all suffer through after a tough event(I am a bit let down though; I thought you were superhuman!). great advice to exercise patience.

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