The New Challenge

I’ve been busy. I haven’t posted. Those two things are related. Gee, you’ve never read that on a blog before. Boring! However, the reasons why might hold some interest for you. To find out, read on.


Post Race Recovery – U40

I was asked how I recover from big efforts such as the one I did 8 days ago. More specifically, is there anything I do to speed my readiness to resume serious training.


Uwharrie 40 Mile Trail Run Race Report

Call me crazy all you want or turn your nose up in derision, but this event was never intended to be the “gateway drug” to longer, more ridiculous events. It was a check-the-box one-and-done kind of thing. So now that I’ve done it, guess what? My opinion on those matters remain the same. I’ve done […]

Toddler Talk – Feburary 2011

We’re up to 29 months of age – almost 2 1/2 years old. Already. Technically, 29 months officially happens next Monday, but I’ll have some lengthy race report to post then so I’m getting a head start here.