Defining Success for Success

Success is one of those things we generally think we know what it means and behave as if everyone defines it pretty much the same way. Except we don’t. We acknowledge this pretty quickly in terms of where different people set their performance bars, but there’s a lot more to success definition than moving an […]

Toddler Talk – December 2011

Time keeps passing. Yesterday, I looked back at Remy’s newborn pictures and couldn’t believe how small he was. Small in a “big for a newborn” kind of way, that is. But now he’s big and destined to get bigger still. Here’s the latest trends in Remy land.


Running and the 2012 Race Season

It’s time to come clean and talk about what I would have rather been doing while I was training and racing triathlons throughout the 2011 season and what I will be doing during the 2012 season. It took a little forcing myself to do swim and bike workouts. I just wanted to run.


2011 Reading List

I know the year isn’t over yet, but this year’s reading list is grandiose, almost crass, in it’s length so I’d rather go ahead and trim and log it in the form of a blog post. Some of it was required reading for various things, but I guess I just read a lot over the […]

Long Course Tri Worlds in Henderson, NV

Here it is. The race report for the last triathlon for a while so you can read how it all played out.