WOTW – The Brendan Run

The Brendan run is much like the Dan G run.  The Bill and Andy run is fairly similar, but on average a little slower.  So what is this run about and why do I bother sharing it as a workout of the week?

My main point in sharing this workout is to illustrate that my run training is not all geared towards running long and slow.  No, I don’t do specific workouts, intervals or high speed, but I don’t just shuffle around at all day pace every day. 

When I run solo, I tend to take it easy.  In the very least, I push less hard, which is fine for those standard 55-75 minute logging the miles type runs that leave me fresh enough the next day to do something a little more taxing.   Lately, these runs typically vary between 8-9 min mile pace.  Slower if I have a stroller, but lately Remy hasn’t been into the stroller scene.

The way I motivate myself to move along more quickly is by running with others that go faster, particularly people who ARE faster than me.  This is where Brendan (and Dan G) come into the picture.  Brian S. is another great training partner for this purpose when he’s running more regularly.  I’m a slower runner than all three of these guys, but not so much that it’s absurd.  

As a result, I cruise along at their pace with occasional pleas to scale it back a touch if things exceed the peak effort level I want to hit that day.  This kind of social support and peer pressure to perform drives me to run quicker.  Typically, the pace hovers between 7:15-7:45, but sometimes faster. 

Yesterday was a good one, where Brendan paced me to a 7:08 average for 7 miles.  We kept up the conversation while we ran.  It wasn’t super easy to talk – more like in phrases with breaks- but well below the gasping like a freight train effort.  There is no way I would run anywhere this quickly on my own. 

This is a great workout so long as I don’t make runs like this a majority of my training hours.  I might do these types of runs a couple times a week.  I am, after all, training for ultra distance trail runs.  I’m also training for durability and strength.  Pulling off this workout the day after a tough 3 hour 47 minute trail slog is good stuff.

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