Gallop and Gorge 8k Race Report

More of a workout than a race, but I had on a number, paid money and started behind a line with a horde of people, so I suppose it gets a special post. There are other “Turkey Trots” in the area, but I picked this one because a few of my new teamies from Bull […]

Product Love: Kiss My Face Shaving Cream

I’m starting a new posting category called Product Love. Considering how long it’s been since I’ve done a Workout of the Week post, I’m not committing to any type of schedule. Come to think of it, I suppose I should do a WOTW post really soon. Hm. But anyway…this Product Love topic will be about […]

New Remy Pictures – Fall 2010

Just uploaded some new pictures of Remy from the past month or so.

Things I’ve Noticed Lately

This is a post with a unifying theme of things I’ve noticed lately, which I would argue isn’t much of a theme at all. It is what it is. Click on below to read more.


CSN Reprint: Parr Shines in 2 Nationals

Community Sports News is a local newspaper that covers results from all the non-traditional sports. The editor wrote a nice blurb about me in this November edition. Thanks Joel!