USAT Triathlon Nationals Coming Up

My first of two A races is coming up this Saturday.  It’s an Olympic Distance triathlon (1.5k / 40k / 10k) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama that serves as an age group national championship.  I did this race last year and had a really good performance.  I believe I’m more fit this year, so I really hope I can nail the execution and realize the benefits of all this training I’ve been doing.  Right now, I’m feeling oh-so-typically several days away from ready.

There’s supposed to be a news article on returning age group champions, but I don’t see it posted yet.  Perhaps soon.  They solicited quotes by email, so I responded to their questions with some vanilla-sounding comments.  I’m  sure others came up with more compelling quotables, so we’ll see if I get a mention or not.

Here’s a thought.  I know they track the top states for points.  I know there are some fast grrrls coming out from NC.  Can we collect enough points to measure up to the performance from more heavily populated states?  We’ll see. 

One more thing.  For those who might be interested in tracking results live, you should be able to do that here: 

Live Blog Coverage of the Race

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