Shower Boy

Remy used to love baths, and by used to, I mean a few weeks ago.  Since then, we’ve seen a major change in attitude.  Suddenly, it became progressively more difficult to get him into the tub.  No amount of toys and running water coming from the faucet could coax him in there without a trip to meltdown city. 

He would stall and stall and stall.  He pulled out all the tricks, including making a dash out of the bathroom and back into the dining room to run crazy laps around the table (this is a common post-dinner routine).  

He even claimed to have to potty over and over and over again.  I have to give him some credit here though because he would exert some real determined effort for the 3 drops of urine he could produce after a the previous pee he did about 45 seconds prior. 

It’s been a struggle until the other night when my genius husband made a GREAT suggestion– maybe, just maybe he’d like to shower instead.  Since he is not a fan of getting water in his eyes or even on his forehead, I hadn’t considered this alternative, but it is a WINNER. 

Now, I fill the tub with a couple of inches of water then turn on the shower on low flow.  He loves it.  He even will get the back of his hair wet.  Voluntarily.  Without drama.  That is so awesome.

Now here are some gratuitous toddler photographs:

Wet and crazy birthday fun at the neighbor's house.

Everything's upsidedown!

Somebody's learning how to ham it up for the camera. This would be a great picture if it weren't for the runny nose.

One final comment.  In contrast to what these pictures suggest, Remy actually does not run around all day long in underwear sans pants.  Late afternoon into dinner time, perhaps, but not all day.  Also, the underwear outdoors thing was an exception and not under my watch.

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  • You’d be hard pressed to find a complete outfit on either of my girls any time they are at home (or to be honest, outside the house, too.)

    He’s adorable, love the smile!

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