WOTW – Swim Main Set #8

In theory, there should be Workout of the Week (WOTW) posts every week. I know this. It is a bit sad that I couldn’t even maintain the appearance of commitment to weekly workout posts for a little while before lapsing into “Workout of the Every X Number of Weeks” posts. But, hey. Good news! Here’s […]

Toddler Talk – August 2010

Typically, I like to do these on or around Remy’s monthly “anniversary”, but since the 7th coincided with our weekend adventure in the mountains, this didn’t happen quite so promptly. This delay suggests neither a lack of excitement nor activity, so here’s hoping I can remember most of it.


Weekend in the Mountains Report, Part 2

So now you’ve heard about the initiation of the car troubles and my race report at Lake Logan. That only takes us to late morning on Saturday. By golly, we still have a day and a half left of the weekend. So what happened next?


Weekend in the Mountains Report, Part 1

So I did a triathlon this last weekend, but the race wasn’t necessarily the starring act of the weekend. I’m not entirely sure what part could take top bill, so I’m going to talk about the whole thing. Yes, I know this is 6 days post event. Oh well.