Free Webinar – Handling Risk & Uncertainty With Ease

Free webinar from TM Solutions for blog readers.  Follow the link below to access free registration.

Can you make prompt decisions without all the facts?  Does perceived risk generate more anxiety than you wish it did?  Learn techniques to effectively manage risk and uncertainty by understanding the effective vs. ineffective behaviors of the risk taking competency.  Find out more about your preferences and learn how to adjust your style to get better results.

In this webinar you will:
– Learn about behaviors associated with effective vs. ineffective risk taking capability.
– Assess the root of your risk aversion by comparing your situation to typical causes for ineffective handling of risk and uncertainty.
– Learn tips to begin improving your risk taking competency and additional tools you can use to deepen your development.
– Review guidelines and tools for implementing impactful changes to your daily habits.

Who:   Anyone who would like to handle ambiguous situations with more composure.
Where:   TMS Virtual Meeting Room
When:   June 29, 12:15pm-1:00pm
Cost:   Free for Members and special invitees only.
 $29.99 for Non-Members

Non-Members register here.  Registration will close at 11am on the day of the webinar.

If you are a TMS Partner or Member, either log in to TMS Online for a link to member registration or contact us at

Also, check out our Upcoming Events page to see what other workshops and webinars we have coming soon.

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