Should I Offer Triathlon Coaching?

I get asked about this all the time. My usual response is naaahhh…I don’t really want to be writing workouts all the time for other people and, besides, aren’t there a million thousand other people who do this already? Just locally- never mind nationwide? And are friends of mine? Is there really enough demand for […]

Free Webinar – Handling Risk & Uncertainty With Ease

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Toddler Talk – June 2010

Remy’s been up to some fun stuff lately, so I figure it’s a good time for recording some of it.


Remy Action Shots – June 2010

In place of the 21 month Toddler Talk bulleted list of stuff, I give you three videos. So…one picture = 1,000 words x ??? frames per second and almost 2 minutes of video = a billion(?) words? Eh. Never mind the math.


Talent Pipeline Development in Triathlon

Talent pipelines and talent development in a business setting are something that I give a fair amount of attention to in my professional responsibilities. Lately, I got to thinking about this topic as it relates to triathlon.