TMS Webinar: Managing Your Management Style

My next webinar is a week from today.  Blog readers welcome to attend free.  Registration link below.

Is your management style working for you?  Although there are best practices, there is no one right management style.  What works for each manager is a function of personal style preferences, the preferences of the team, the culture of the organization and the nature of your team’s responsibilities.  Find out more about your preferences and learn how to adjust your style to fit the situation to get better results.

In this webinar you will:
– Discover the different personality characteristics that can influence your management style.
– Assess your management style among five major categories of interests and aversions from the Human Patterns® assessment.
– Learn tips to best fit your management style to your situation.
– Identify style characteristics that you can moderate or enhance to better match your team’s preferences, organizational culture and team responsibilities.

Who:   Managers, business leaders and human resource professionals.
Where:   TMS Virtual Meeting Room
When:   June 1, 12:15pm-1:00pm
Cost:   Free for Members and special invitees only.
 $29.99 for Non-Members

Members and Invitees:  Register now at this link!

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