The Importance of Hunger

This may not be the ideal point of the season to talk about this, since so many are building into some A races in the next couple months, but it’s salient for me and will be for you at some point over the next 12 months. Additionally, this post should give you some insight into […]

TMS Webinar: Managing Your Management Style

My next webinar is a week from today. Blog readers welcome to attend free. Registration link below.


Because It’s Been Too Long

That’s why I’m posting, even though I have a handful of smart-sounding topics started that I don’t feel motivated enough to finish right now. So this will be one of them pot-pourri posts, although it won’t smell nearly as sweet as the real stuff. Here goes.


White Lake Half II 2010

I know this is long overdue, but I’ve had other stuff on my mind. The short story is a combined set of lessons. First, that one should never not try their bestest when in a race. So I tried my bestest. Second, there’s only so much an almost 40 yo can expect off of less […]

About Nursing and Weaning

For those who have read some of my Facebook comments about racing and nursing and weaning, I figure I’ll go ahead and share what’s been going on in our household and in my head. In short– doing what’s right for Remy and family is far and away more important to me than any race, A […]