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Training, work, Remy stuff– things are happening, but how would you know if I don ‘t bother to write them down?  So here I’ll write them down. 

It’s funny that I worried how I’d manage to rebuild my swim (4 month winter hiatus) and bike (low mileage during the run focus) while maintaining run fitness.  Not to worry, that worked itself out when I tried to run again too soon after the VDay Massacre, ran again, then raced a duathlon.  But you knew that already.

I looked back through my training log for the past 4 weeks and the run mileage has hovered around 15 except for the 0 from last week.  Eh.   No worries.  Gave me a lot more time to swim and bike.  Get this– I’m even swimming twice a week already plus a couple sessions on the inclined sled.  Rock and roll! 

Stop it.  I see your eyes roll when you read this.  I’ll have you know that I swam my 2k indicator set again yesterday and held a pace that equates to “quite good enough to get by in triathlons.”  Already.  It’s so much easier to get the swim back when I’m not running a lot.  I seem to use a lot of the same core muscles for both activities. 

What’s really great about this quick ramp up is that it frees me up to roll in a few 1 swim session weeks as I try and prepare my bike and run for a half iron distance in May.  Speaking of the run, I’m running again and the messed up stuff is almost all better.   I do plan on running the Tobacco Road Half Marathon next weekend, but I don’t expect a PR or anything.  I’ll rest a little mid-week then treat Friday-Sunday as a broken triathlon by swimming Friday, riding 50-60 miles solo on Saturday, then doing the half mary Sunday. 

Regarding PerforMentor efforts – that’s fallen off the radar for now.  No clients, but I think that’s because I’m not clear enough on who I’m supposed to help and how.  I have some ideas to clarify the message, but that’s not been top priority.  Mainly, I need to support Rob on getting TM Solutions rolling with more new clients using TMS Online and just more new clients in general.  I’m not what one would call a cold-calling maven, but I do a reasonably good job pitching value to people I know if I truly believe there is value to be offered, which I do. 

The main message on the work front is that cash is tight.  Really tight.  If it weren’t for Raleigh Running Outfitters generous sponsorship, I wouldn’t be able to race nearly as often as I am.  For that I am grateful.  What’s interesting is that I don’t feel anxious about the situation.  Also, I’m having some ideas about a software app product that I think would be of tremendous value to anyone who manages people by enabling them to respond to individual preferences, needs and motivations without lengthy preparation.  Just idea stage right now.  My antenna are up for signs of opportunity and right-timing. 

So on to Remy.  Some days I wonder if he’s destined for employment in public works.  His level of fascination with trash cans, recycle bins and yard waste containers is very high.  Additonally, water meter reader things in ours and everyone else’s yard are just about as awesome.  You know, the kind where there’s a hole in the ground with the meter and a heavy metal lid over the top.  Lately, we’ve been getting so much rain that the hole is often flooded, which makes it even cooler by the way.   Remy has a lot to say about all of these things, but I don’t understand a word of it. 

Operation Keep Remy Busy is still in full effect.  Is Remy in the refrigerator letting all the cold air out?  No problem.  Ask him to close the refrigerator door.  It works more often than not.  Is Remy trying to steal the empty (breakable) glass out of my hands?  No problem.  Ask him to take it into the kitchen and put it on the counter with the dirty dishes.  He’s a very helpful guy when you get past the part where sometimes you have to help him help you. 

So that’s about it for now.  I hear the boys are back.  Remy has developed a lovely high pitched squeal to let us know there is a minor need he’s having that we are not attending to properly.  I’m trying to teach him to say “help please” in place of the squeal, but we’re on the very early stages of that ambitious project.

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