1.5 Years of Remy

 March 7th is here.  This is the date our little big man reaches 18 months, or 1.5 years for those who are math challenged.  For posterity, relatives and other people interested in news about the kiddo, here we go.

Speaking is something Remy does a lot if you count random sounds and inflections.  Any stroller trip around the neighborhood  is filled with the music of vocalizations about every single recycle bin, trash can or yard waste bin in sight.   If it happens to be trash/recycle pick up day, all the better. 

Regarding actual words, I suppose he has 15-20 or so, but I’m not really sure.  He uses them when and only when he wants to– rarely on command.  One of his favorite things to do is repeatedly say “cat” when Mommy tries to get him to say “dog.”  Soooo funny.  He gets his contrariness from his Dad.  Yesterday he picked up the word “ow,”  although he doesn’t actually use it when he’s hurt.  It seems to mean, “I’m stuck or can’t get where I want to go.” 

Remy has developed a bit of a fascination with the alphabet.  He doesn’t say it, but he knows exactly what doo-dad to hit on the music table to make it sing the alphabet song.  Then he’ll point as his alphabet books, or foamy alphabet puzzle or just point at the letters on the table.  It’s best when Mommy sings along. 

Speaking of the music table, it has piano-like keys in red-green-blue-yellow that sing their colors.  He enjoys finding building blocks or other items of a color, carrying it over to the table then hitting the appropriate key.  I kind of wish the table had more singing color keys so we could expand his color repertoire.  Sure, he may be picking up on other colors, but we don’t have a good way to test it at this time. 

Remy finally got a haircut.  There was increasing confusion by the locals as to our boy-clothes wearing toddler due to his unusual name and flowing locks.  Curious.  Were people confused about the gender of Remy the Rat in Ratatoullie?  No?  As it turns out, there is an increase in the use of this name for females.  Not that it matters.  I knew a guy named Lynn in high school and no one, I mean no one, gave him crap about it.

The best way to keep Remy happy is to give him things to do like putting dirty clothers into the washing machine, put away clean dishes and silverware, closing doors, throwing things in the trash, etc.  Don’t you dare do something for  him that he can do himself!  That would be cause for trantrum.  Someday this pattern will likely be reversed, but I’m having wonderful visions of a cleaning toddler, especially after my neighbor told me about her friend who taught her 2 year old to clean a toilet for a quarter.  Apparently, he liked wearing the rubber gloves and did a thorough job of it.  The toilets in our household would get a heck of a lot cleaner if we had an entrepreneurial toddler to take care of them.

Right now, Remy’s playing with our phone.  He’s discovered the speaker phone button.  Amazing the noises that device can make.  I’m finding it tremendously helpful for my ability to focus.

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6 comments to 1.5 Years of Remy

  • Mom

    What fun the two of you are having with your growing boy!

  • Ow… like James Brown perhaps?

  • Remembered something else I meant to include in this post. We have an upstairs balcony that overlooks our living room. There’s this (we now realize) bad habit that Gary and I have of tossing down small/soft items instead of carrying them down by hand. Now that we’ve modeled this behavior for the youngun, we’re having a good time teaching him the nuances about what things are OK to toss down and what are not.

    Also, last night I was self-massaging out a sore spot in my improving but still messed up right quad/IT band/hamstring saying “ow ow ow” when it hurt. Next thing I know, Remy’s repeating Mommy with the “ow’s.” So THAT’S where he got that from.

  • angela

    Both the boys were the same way about helping to clean or do anything for that matter. Ryan got out of it for a while, but has happily started with it again since Brayden has shown such interest in helping and it’s all about competition for praise around here. Whatever works.

  • Angela Kidd

    Happy 1.5 Remy! I still remember when you went into labor and I was so jealous and I felt like I had to wait until forever for Zach to be born and now those days seem like such a short time period when I’m not pregnant.

    Zach is also a fan of the phone. I usually let him mess around with it because he usually just gets an error call message but two days ago he dialed and a woman on the other end said “Hello?” and Zach said “Hi!” and she said “Hi!” like she recognized him and I quickly grabbed the phone and apologized and explained my son accidentally dialed her and she said “No problem. I thought it was my grandson.” We got lucky. I almost never get someone as nice when I dial the wrong number.

  • Alicia, my 5 y.o. is Alexander, and we call him Aly or Alexei. (Though now that he’s at school, he seems to be Alex. I expect it will change again. And again …)

    Once on the playground, when he was about 3, I was chatting with a stranger and referred to my curly-haired son as Alexei. At the time, our two sons were both pushing monster trucks around the play space, crashing into each other, sound-effects and all.

    The stranger did a double-take and said “Oh, I thought he was a boy.”

    “He is,” I replied.

    She looked as if she was about to say something else, but we didn’t know each other, so she dropped it …

    Honestly, it doesn’t seem to matter. All those “but it’s a girl’s name” comments fall away when you know that the Remy, Alexei or Lynn you’re talking about is a boy.

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