Toddler Talk, 1st Edition

Now for the family members and a time-stamped record of Remy-isms I can return to in years hence, I give you the Toddler Talk series.


The Run Down on Running

My running over the last many months has been a rollercoaster. Great volume followed by injury and frustration. The wrong kind of pain felt during any run is like a stern reminder of my advancing age and a revisitation of my desire to “race well.” Well so it goes.


Mr. Dish Washer Man

Remy’s been interested in water and sinks for a while, but Gary took it a step further and gave him a scrub pad.

Tobacco Trail Half Marathon Race Report

I think if I had run a half marathon in January or early February, I would have been faster, but as things played out, I arrived at the start line in better swim shape and poorer run shape than I would have figured those short few months ago. Since my biggest goals of the season […]

Health Insurance and Social Ideology

I know this is an odd forum for this discussion, but when it comes to discussing the unmentionables of politics and religion, that ship has sailed. Besides, it’s my forum and I can say what I want so long as I don’t come off like a dangerous terrorist. Using that word should make me come […]