Valentine’s Day Massacre Relay

My legs hurt bad, especially my calves.  It’s so interesting to discover the different muscles that get sore from faster running versus just lots of running on trails, roads and snow.  For me, it’s my calves, which I said already, but how about I tell you more about this faster running business and quixotic post title? 

Well, Allison Chapple and I decided to celebrate heart-day and finally meet each other in person with a running event approximately half way between our respective home locations.  This was the Valentine’s Day Massacre Marathon, which most people do as a relay, since it consists of sixteen loops of 1.6 miles (except for the first loop, which is longer).  I mean, really, what’s more fun than running 8×1.6 mile intervals with 10-12 minute rest intervals in sub-freezing, windy conditions?  Don’t answer that.

So little did I know that Allison had been feeling yucky and sick but still came out to play.  I have a hard time keeping current on everybody’s blogs.  Do you know how hard it is to do 13ish miles worth of fast running– faster than you’d do without the rests?   Not to mention that Allison ran the first long leg so got an extra mile in compared to me.  Why?  I arrived late after massive confusion when Google Maps sent me to a beltline that’s not yet in existence followed by the typical confusion of navigating through Greensboro.  You think Cary’s bad?  Greensboro is worse.  Just try staying on Hwy 220 sometime without missing a turn.  Not so easy.

So, anyway, my personal goals for this event was to hold something close to target pace for Tobacco Half Marathon at the end of March.  The trick was figuring out what pace that should be.  With all the running I’ve been doing, I’m pretty run fit, but I don’t know if I’m as fit as I was in 2005.  Close maybe…hopefully…but we’ll see. 

So I picked a pace that would be a reasonable considering the amount of quality run workouts hasn’t built up yet and that I didn’t rest up at all for this.   Of course, I start off a bit faster than that.  I was pretty sure I was getting slower and slower.  I was working, but my legs lost their spring after 3 loops.  Surprisingly, I didn’t slow down as much as I figured, so I managed to hold about 15-20 seconds per mile faster than my goal, which is great.  If I could hold a pace like that at Tobacco Half, that would be even greater, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I represented Raleigh Running w/ the lime green shirt and coordinating bright purple tights.  Makes me easy to pick out of the crowd.  Being the only Team RRO member, I enjoyed the company of the TAF folks during my rest periods.  Also, I enjoyed watching Annette Bednosky cruise by several times during my “rest intervals.”  That woman is right impressive and terribly efficient runner, just like any champion ultrarunner, I suppose. 

So, who’s going to come join me for next year?

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2 comments to Valentine’s Day Massacre Relay

  • Angela Kidd

    Sounds like you guys had a great race. Standing around in the cold for 10-11 minutes can make fast running very tough so you guys are rock starts.

    I wish I could say I’d be joining you guys next year but it looks like the Greensboro deal died. And I’m glad to hear you got lost in Greensboro as well since I got lost when trying to go to dinner there.

  • Angela Gautreau

    Good to see you ladies out there. You all did great! Congrats.

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