Charlotte Duathlon (Whine) Report

After Winston Salem Duathlon was cancelled due to snow, I switched my registration over to Charlotte Duathlon which, as a late February race, had just as much likelihood as weather crappiness as any other winter duathlon around here. Fortunately, the sun was shining, the wind wasn’t all that strong and the temperatures were above freezing […]

Instincts and Attachment Parenting

I can’t say that I ever really looked at the group of parenting practices considered to be part of the attachment parenting philosopy and thought “I want to be an attachment parent.” Instead, I’ve done my best to follow some great advice I received from a friend (and Mom of a now pre-teen), which is […]

Valentine’s Day Massacre Relay

My legs hurt bad, especially my calves. It’s so interesting to discover the different muscles that get sore from faster running versus just lots of running on trails, roads and snow. For me, it’s my calves, which I said already, but how about I tell you more about this faster running business and quixotic post […]

Cafe Press and Other Nonsense

Much to some people’s relief (I’m sure), this post will be contain a random collection of observations and well, stuff I might as well mention. I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days so here goes. First….Cafe Press.


Themes at 17 Months

As we near a year and a half, Remy continues his evolution from infant to big boy. As is said by anyone who knows anything about babies and children, every child has their own schedule and order of preference when it comes to skill development. Sure, there are typical patterns of maturation that are common […]