Sleeping and Eating Patterns

Being human and all, I feel compelled to try and recognize patterns in my environment to reduce the unpredicatability of life.  Even if it is a fool’s errand.  One of the more recently identified patterns was Remy’s napping and daytime feeding habits.  I know, I know.  I am a foolish woman.

Anyway.  For a while, Remy’s two naps a day trended later and later into the day until his afternoon nap began to combine with bed time.  Now, to be fair, Remy didn’t REALLY reliably nap twice a day.  For the sake of argument, I’m considering about a 75% occurrence to count as a trend.  Plus or minus.  This plus his tendency to shun bottled, pumped milk and rely on nursing sessions less while getting the bulk of his daytime calories in food form gave me enough of a pattern to feel like my little baby boy is indeed becoming a big boy.

That was until the other day.  The out of the blue fussy sessions and prolific drooling suggest the next round of molar teething pain.  During a few of his open-mouthed cries, I think I caught sight of a slit in his gums where a tooth may be beginning to break through, but it’s hard to be sure.  He’s not one to cooperate while an adult sticks their big finger into his mouth. 

So now we’re back to lots of nursing and an even harder than usual to predict napping schedule.  Which is having an impact on his night time sleeping schedule.  I’m not sure the word schedule applies here, since it infers a semblance of regularity.  Oh well.

The silver lining of all this is his use of the word Ma Ma increases with his dismay.  It means he wants to nurse.  I’m not convinced that the word Ma Ma means exactly the same thing in this household as it does in others.

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2 comments to Sleeping and Eating Patterns

  • allison chapple

    I could have written the same post today. Baker has 4 molars coming in and he’s a bear. Naps are all over the place and he’s nursing much more than usual. Take heart – there are a finite amount of teeth! This will pass!

  • Angela Kidd

    We went through the same thing when Zach got his molars (although not the BF’ing since he’s been cut off). Lots of drooling and just being more high maintenance. Luckily Zach’s came in incredibly quickly – he’s basically got an entire mouth full of teeth – it’s crazy. When the time changed we gave up on 2 naps for Zach and have switched to one nap a day. This also means we put him to bed a little earlier because he’s exhausted by day end.

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