Running Challenge Part 2

I just realized it has been almost a week since my last blog post, so here’s a quick update on how my Fall/Winter running focus is going. I tried to do this a couple years ago, but then I got pregnant (on purpose) and underestimated the effect that first trimester fatigue would have on me. […]

On Being A Champion

What I like about triathlon and related endurance sport most is the opportunity to feel like a champion for as long as I compete. Let me clarify. I don’t expect to be winning races at, say, age 55, but I do expect champion effort and behavior from myself. It rings like a overused, formless platitude, […]

My Version Of The 4 Minute Mile

Remember the stories about how people just didn’t seem able to break 4 minutes on the mile run? Then one fellow came along and did it, then it became possible and several others did too. That’s me with breaking 40 minutes on an official, certified distance 10k.


Omelet Muffins, yum!

So I saw dad getting jiggy in the kitchen throwing around eggs and knives so i knew something was up. Then out from the oven pops some small nuggets of goodness- Omelet Muffins. Super yummy.

Speaking of getting jiggy. I discovered that I cn climb up into the small rocking chair and rock and learn […]


As of today, I’ve hung the shingle out to provide performance mentoring. Different than triathlon coaching, performance mentoring is about consistently high levels of personal performance across any life domain. Through PerforMentor, I can help you optimize your personal performance by leveraging your natural strengths and interests, creating a stable platform for success, and learning […]