Connections For Performance

Consistent excellent performance over a longer horizon means sustaining a situation where we squander as little emotional and psychological resources as possible.   Having your resources at your disposal for your big goals mean wise investments in your connections, even if it seems to cost you in the short term.  Intact connections are the key to a stable platform.  It is from a stable platform that we reach highest.

To qualify ownership and give credit where it’s due, this model is my adaptation from the drama & developmental triangles that I learned from Stan Smith.   I am also using some emotional intelligence material from Executive EQ by Cooper and Sawaf.  Even though I came up with the category language independently, there probably are others with similar concepts that I could find with a few google queries, but I didn’t intentionally copy anyone else when coming up with this.  Truly new ideas are hard to come by.

Connection Model Graphic

Committing to the process of keeping these connections intact does not prevent big, bad DIFFICULT things from happening, but it does equip you to deal with big, bad difficult things more effectively.  Are you connected?  Where do you want to begin the repairs?

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