Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! I wore a really neat outfit tonight but it was kind of hot. I ran and ran and ran and got all sweaty, but luckily Mom and Dad got some pictures first. […]

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

This is the fifth article in a series of cross posts from TMS Online, Talent Management Solutions’ web based repository of HR and talent management related tools and resources for the small to mid-market organization. These writings are intended for a business audience, but the content relates well to endurance multisport as well. Follow this […]

The Fourth Decade

Granted I’m just two months past turning 39, but with USAT’s age up on January 1 policy, the big 4-0 is staring me down a lot sooner than it might for non-triathletes. Strangely, in contrast to my 29 year old panic of oh-my-gosh-I-haven’t-done-half-of-what-I thought-I-would-by-now defining moment, being on the cusp of 40 feels a lot […]

Trail Running and Resiliency

I’m looking to improve my run consistency through the fall-winter and it’s well-known that running on single track can enable more miles with less infliction to the soft tissues. That’s important to a swimming-backgrounded wanna be durable runner like me. No brainer that I’m running more single track these days. Including yesterday, during which it […]

Connections For Performance

Consistent excellent performance over a longer horizon means sustaining a situation where we squander as little emotional and psychological resources as possible. Having your resources at your disposal for your big goals mean wise investments in your connections, even if it seems to cost you in the short term. Intact connections are the key to […]