Stack, Reach and Speed

It sounds like a bike fit post, but that’s just a play on words, because this is yet another kiddo update for the grandparents, family members and other people interested in what Remy’s up to at just over 1 year of age.

Stack:  Somebody pressed the “stack things” button in my little boy and turned the volume on high.  All things must be piled upon each other and nothing is immune.  Clothing is placed in piles (with urgency, see Speed topic below), blocks are placed on stackable cups upon shoes, balls, rice cakes, plastic flute, random toys, etc.  I regret to report that I haven’t gotten a video of this yet.  To the uninitiated, it may sound kind of boring video fodder, but when he gets going at full speed, it’s kind of fun to watch.  I think he gets into Zone 4 sometimes, but I wouldn’t know because I’m not much for heart rate monitors myself.  He does work up an impressive sweat.

Reach:  Remy’s grown.  According to the official doctor’s office measurement, he’s grown 1.5 inches in the last 3 months, although it seems like more.  I think he’s just getting better at his reaching technique, particularly for items that he knows we don’t want him to get into.  Speaking of, I don’t remember teaching him to get pleasure out of challenging authority.  Since when does a stern “no” mean keep doing what you’re doing and grin mischieviously?  Whether this is nature or nurture, I don’t know, but I blame his Dad for this one.

Speed:  If it can be done, it must be done fast.  Reminds me of this time I went ice-skating with Gary on one of our early dates.  My expertise with this sport is lacking, but that didn’t stop me from going faster and faster until KAPOW over and over again.  I couldn’t stop myself from making the same error time after time.  My knees were an interesting sight after that date, but the real point of the story is that this “need for speed” appears to be a genetic predisposition that my son has inherited or otherwise learned from me.  I didn’t think anything of his tendency at first, chalking it up to normal toddler antics, but then my husband noted Remy’s preference for practicing a skill at greater speeds first instead of with greater accuracy.   So every time my little guy clunks himself into a solid object from prioritizing haste, I apologize for the fact that this isn’t something he’s likely to outgrow.  Sorry buddy.  Bruises for life.  You and me, man.

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