Talent Is A Process

What is talent? It is frequently defined as genetic gifts leading to ease in developing high performance in a particular domain. Talented triathlete. Talented sales person. Do you buy it?


2009 Duathlon Worlds Race Report

What a day. What a weekend. For those bottom line first, get to the point kind of people, here’s the scoop. I ran, but not too hard. Then I tried to pass as many people as possible on the bike and, for the most part, it worked. Then I ran again, but not as long […]

Road Rash

Hi peeps. Remy here. Had a little accident yesterday. Endo’d over my own feet by leaning too far forward down a hill and now I’ve got a little road rash on my forehead. Just a flesh wound, so no worries.


Hero’s Journey

An excerpt from The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz:


In Control Like Janet Jackson

I got a little carried away in a response I posted on a particularly good post on a quality blog about high potentials and requisite organization theory. So as not to waste all this wonderful, thought provoking typing I just did (ha), here’s a reproduction of my response to the author’s query as to whether […]